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The Problem Solving Model - The Motive Center
January 25th, 2005
10:10 pm


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The Problem Solving Model
The Problem Solving Model

This is, in simplified form, the Problem-Solving Model!
The large circle ("You") includes Need (and could include Personal Block).
The arrow labeled "Activity" is pretty obvious.
The block is a Block in the World.
"Goal" is Goal State.
The small circle with arrow is Help, of course, assisting activity to circumvent the block.
The dotted line above refers to the Anticipation subcats.

Simple, really.
For those who had a hard time following my verbal version, use the model visually. If you take out Activity, what you have is You, Anticipation, a Goal, yes, but a lot of Blocks. This is helplessness! I can see what to do, but can't do it, not only because I anticipate failure and can see every reason why, but also because I lack action that could carry me through regardless.

If, on the other hand, a story lacks all the Anticipation and Block imagery, what you may have is someone who drives to the goal, but collides with unanticipated obstacles!

And so forth...

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Date:January 27th, 2005 12:09 pm (UTC)

My only problem models like this...

...and even with your verbal descriptions of it, is that they don't tell me what to do with them. OK, I can visualize my problem... now what?

Maybe that's another entry, or maybe it's in the book, but I find that what I need is concrete advice, even of the "tips and tricks" variety, if only to get me pointed in the right direction. It's all very well to say "You have no activity to get you to/through the blocks"; but I need (and maybe this is "help" of a sort) is some idea of what activity I need to be doing.

If you give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day; if you teach him how to fish, he'll eat for a lifetime. But if you only describe the fishing equipment and how the pieces fit together, he's just going to start gnawing on your leg.
Date:January 27th, 2005 12:10 pm (UTC)


Forgot to identify myself. It's Dan again.
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