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Second Draft Begun! - The Motive Center
January 8th, 2006
12:09 am


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Second Draft Begun!
Toni's read the novel in progress and does think "it's a book." I am psyched! As usual, there are changes to be made, so I am now progressing through a second draft.

In accordance with the way I wrote it, I am trying to rewrite it in order. Of course, it's a lot faster; I'm all the way into chapter four (page 38 of the manuscript) just today. I'm finding some inconsistencies and tweaking some language in most of it; I have a few major changes to incorporate, which I will do when I reach them in order. Some require more thought anyhow. If I need to on a major change, I'll do a fast search-and-replace jumping around, but I have found that my memory is not always precise enough to remember everywhere I make a reference to something. As long as I go fast enough, I should be able to remember what I need to change.

This of course changes my goal-setting and measurement, since I'm not generating 600 words a day anymore. So here's what I'm doing:

First, since I am going in order again, I can just track which chapter I am in. That's easy; as I noted, I am already in Chapter 4 of 23. They vary in length, of course, which is why I mentioned I am on manuscript page 38 (of 282 at the moment).

Second, I am still tracking words. Since I wrote a leaner story than is typical for me, I am looking to add words--at least some. But I am assuming that 200 words might be more dearly bought than 600 when I am fitting them around existing content and often cutting phrases that aren't right or story elements I am changing. When I have overwritten, I keep track of how many I have cut.

Those two are enough for me right now. However, there is something else I will keep in mind. There are some specific, significant changes, which include:

1. A character modification. Well, she's the same, but her job isn't, and neither is her background. That has implications for a number of scenes.

2. Introducing a few red herrings into the plot. I don't think I need many; just enough to muddy a bit. Since I have some thrilleresque elements, I don't need to completely baffle my protagonist.

3. Moving some exposition throughout the book instead of it clumping near the end, which is where it is now.

I can track these: 1, 2, 3. As noted, I will go through in a linear way, but I expect that if these three things still stick out a bit, I will then go back and iron them out further.

Fun! I actually like rewriting, if only because I like my own prose. Dangerous...

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Date:January 8th, 2006 01:56 pm (UTC)


Tinkering is definitely a curse of many writers. As Dorothy Parker lamented "I can't write five words but that I change seven."
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