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Second draft done! - The Motive Center
January 22nd, 2006
11:01 pm


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Second draft done!
Well, I just blew through the last few chapters here; up to 67,695 words, which is a bit short, but still okay, I think. I like rewriting--it gives me the feeling of accomplishment with relatively little investment of time--but this went unusually smoothly. Like the writing, I went in order from first to last, skipping backwards if I had to do a little tinkering. I get the feeling the pacing is a little odd, but it seems to work. Toni tells me it is not an unusual plot, which is true--more of a classic PI plot in a different setting, but there's nothing wrong with that.

Draft one went from roughly the 2nd of August to 21 December; ignoring a little name cleanup over the next week, draft two began on 7 January and finished tonight, the 22nd, with a week missing (last week) due to travel! (I read quickly.)

Can't say that I won't have a third draft, especially since there is one subtle point Toni raised that I'm not sure I've fully addressed, but I feel like I'm ready to spread it a little wider!

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