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Catching up - The Motive Center
March 5th, 2006
07:02 pm


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Catching up
Yow! It's been six weeks! For those who actually read this regularly, I'm sorry -- it's been flat out at work, lots of evenings and weekends as well as travel, which has gone up a bit. Also, I've been writing instead of writing about writing, of course, and if I listened to myself that's a good thing...

The third and near-final draft is done. Various people have read it, including a couple of kind people on this list, my wife Toni (who is about to read draft #3 while I am in Zurich next week), and our good friend Charlaine Harris, who writes the bestselling and extremely fun Sookie Stackhouse mysteries -- which are Southern vampire mysteries, so very germane! So far, everyone seems to like it, and most of the suggestions are very minor, so I'm psyched! I've also started a second while I waited for input, but I need to do some more noodling and background research before I can really launch that one.

I am continuing to track word changes; since it came out a tad short (just under 70,000), I feel reasonably comfortable adding, though I am not holding myself to any particular quantity.

I went and saw an old friend (Lee Ann Brown) do a poetry reading today, and it has sent me percolating about poetry -- I'm a prose guy, myself, but I do appreciate poetry at a primitive "dang! That's cool!" sort of level. I will think about that in terms of motivation and post soon...

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