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Update and a quotation or two - The Motive Center
July 3rd, 2006
01:55 am


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Update and a quotation or two
As promised: I've progressed two more chapters, up to Chapter Fifteen and page 185 of the original manuscript (61.4%), and 72,295 words total. Amazing how I keep cutting words and addling length, isn't it? Mostly it's creating contractions but adding explanatory sentences.

An inspirational quote, sort of:

"I suppose some editors are failed writers, but so are most writers." - T. S. Eliot

Okay, maybe a better one:

"Writing is like Prostitution: First you do it for the love of it. Then you do it for a few friends. And finally you do it for money." -- Moliere

With luck, you can keep enjoying the process!

Current Music: Outlaw Blues

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