Steve Kelner (stevekelner) wrote,
Steve Kelner

Many Styles, One Result

One topic already coming up a bit in the messages is that of style--style of creation, style of learning, etc.

Fundamental principle #1: "There are nine-and-sixty ways of composing tribal lays/and every single one of them is right!" --Rudyard Kipling
Fundamental principle #2: if it works, it works. Don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise.

Some researchers refer to "Mozartian" and "Beethovenian" approaches to creating. I'll note them here.

Mozartian writers or creators generate finished first drafts. Mozart supposedly sat down and just wrote out whole symphonies without pausing or editing. Shakespeare "never blotted a line."

Beethoven, on the other hand, revised and revised and revised and Dorothy Parker lamented: "I can't write five words but that I change seven."

Both work fine--it's just that some people can do it one way and others can't. Most people probably fall between. My wife Toni L. P. Kelner keeps a whole mystery plot in her head and can tinker with it mentally (say if I suggest she needs an event somewhere), but needs to rewrite and edit her prose to make the tone just right. Whichever you are, don't worry--it's the result that counts.
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