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Off and running - The Motive Center
July 30th, 2004
10:31 pm


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Off and running
Welcome to my blog on motivation and writers. Like the note says, I'm a motivational psychologist and a writer. I've been studying writers formally for over a decade now, and informally since I realized I could become one!

A few things first...when I talk about "motivation," I'm talking about nonconscious, "implicit," emotional drivers. There's a whole science behind this, and I describe some of it in my forthcoming book and on my website.

This blog is for discussion and learning purposes--me as well as anyone else--I'd like it to be a place to compare notes and find better ways to motivate writing!

A teaser from my book and research: virtually all published writers I studied are motivated by what is called the need for power. Don't panic--it's really the motive to influence. In other words, writers write in order to influence people. Not too surprising. I had only one exception to this in dozens of professional writers, and she had only published collaborations. Interesting, eh?

But there are dangers to this. For example, I am writing this blog instead of working on, say, the sequel to my "Nameless Temp" story that appeared in the anthology _Undertow_, or my mystery novel set in 10th century Iceland, or the SF/F idea I had a few years ago. If someone responds to this, it will be instant gratification--and of course I am seeing it "published" instantly as well. So I'm going to stop for tonight and get on with it!

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