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Motives around the world - The Motive Center
August 13th, 2004
09:51 am


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Motives around the world
Just back from Singapore, where I discussed motivation with people from Australia, China, and Malaysia as well as competencies. One of the applications of this is for providing people developmental feedback or coaching, in two ways: first, if you know what makes people excited, anxious, or angry you can tailor your comments to be more acceptible; second, you can direct the feedback in a direction that gets someone excited about changing.

For example: one person a colleague of mine gave feedback to was known to be very difficult--he was quite challenging during an interview, so they figured giving him (negative) feedback would be impossible! In fact, the key issue for him was the anxious form of affiliation: he was concerned that people didn't like him. I had recommended that they start out the feedback by noting that he was indeed well-liked (which was entirely true, even though he wasn't performing all that well), and that whenever he got wound up to remind him of this. The feedback session was easier than the interview! It calmed him down, reducing his anxiety (see Yerkes-Dodson Law, 1908--I'll add it to www.motivecenter.com soon), which enabled him to hear the feedback, which didn't concern him as much anyhow. That is the first piece: you can tailor comments, even negative ones, so that people can hear them! I'll give an example of the second one later...

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