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Motivating art? - The Motive Center
August 17th, 2004
05:20 pm


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Motivating art?
On vacation in Charlotte, NC, I spoke with an artist friend who saw me speak on motivating writers at a library a couple of years back. Interestingly, he says he has never forgotten it, and even uses it for himself. I asked how, naturally enough, and he said "just when I need to keep going, thinking about this helps me manage myself." Good enough!

It so happens that just about any kind of artist--visual, performance, or verbal--is so strong an indicator of influence motive that even "creative writing" scores for it in the motive scoring system on a formal assessment. Why? Because on some level, art appears to be about wanting to have an impact on others. Theoretically, it could just be on yourself, of course, but very few works of art seem to be created for the personal Achievement-motivated satisfaction of doing better--at least not that alone. Or perhaps this is because none of that work gets published or disseminated!

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